Case Study

Health Economics, Outcomes Research and Market Access Support across the entire product lifecycle.

Client Strategic Partnership

A Case Study

A new client engaged Alkemi in advance of a product launch to develop the value narrative, provide input on data collection and recommend a detailed plan to generate evidence needed for global patient access negotiations.

At project completion the client contracted Alkemi to provide comprehensive HEOR program oversight and plan execution through launch.

Client Need:

Preliminary Value Story and HEOR Evidence Generation Plan

The Request:

  1. Develop a holistic value story for the new therapy.
  2. Define HEOR and evidence generation programs for the launch. 
1. Value Story

Alkemi completed:

  • Literature review of evidence
  • Landscape assessment of payer and HTA evidence requirements
  • Prioritization of value messages into a succinct payer narrative
  • Evidence strength ranking for each value message
2. Evidence Generation Strategy

Alkemi delivered: 

  • Recommendation of key instruments and data collection in Phase III clinical program
  • Options map to strengthen value story and leverage planned clinical studies
  • Recommendation of HEOR, RWE and economic models required to fill data gaps
  • Outline of study designs, budgets and timelines for each evidence program
3. Long-term HEOR Partner

Client contracted Alkemi to manage the global HEOR program for their innovative product portfolio.

HEOR Partnership

As a strategic partner, Alkemi delivers HEOR new evidence and payer communications per plan. Our dedicated team monitors the payer landscape and recommends plan adjustments to address emerging value requirements.






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