Real World Evidence

Demonstrating relevant value and treatment effectiveness with real world evidence

Real World Evidence

Effective Real World Evidence

Alkemi partners with clients to develop real world evidence to communicate value to decision-makers.

Real World Evidence Strategies

Evidence Generation Strategies that Work

Compared to traditional clinical development, investment in real world evidence (RWE) has the potential to substantially reduce both go-to-market timelines and R&D spend. RWE is often the most relevant evidence for healthcare decision-makers as it answers the question: “What is the impact on patient outcomes outside of clinical trials?” Alkemi designs and executes real-world studies including retrospective and prospective observational research, patient reported outcomes, and systematic literature reviews.

Real World Evidence

Recent Publications

Real World Evidence Articles

ECRD 2024
Hobart, J., Radia, DH., Triggiani, M., Butt, NM., Drummond, M., Baisley, W., Lahue, BJ., Green, T., Powell, D., Gressier-Sayag, C., Mesa, R
May 2024
ACAAI 2023
Cribbs, K., Lahue, B.J.
Nov 2023
Baisley, W., Lahue, B.J.
Nov 2023

Our RWE Specialization

Strategic Evidence Generation

Why is it important to be strategic when it comes to evidence generation? Designing and executing studies is resource intensive. Additionally, patient lives and well-being are at stake, so time is at a premium.

Alkemi partners with clients to create a strategy that is efficient, targeted and informed with decision-maker insights. Our evidence generation strategies often encompass rare disease, real world evidence, health economics and outcomes research to achieve market access. Our goal – like yours – is to ensure novel treatments reach the patients in greatest need. 

Our team of experienced researchers and market access consultants specialize in the following:

Evidence Generation Insights

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Analytical Support

Publication Strategy

Payer Communications

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